Skull Challenge 2017 Drawing and Winner

I won a skull pen from Shogun-Jimi's Skull Challenge.

My entry into the challenge was a custom skull stamp.  My video is here:

Flight Testing a Wooden Drone [Whirligig Wars 2017]

I flight tested my wooden drone and crashed it TWICE!

Thanks to Russ and his sponsors at Simply Wooden Creations for hosting the 2017 Whirligig Wars contest. Check out his channel here:

How to Make Table Card Holders [Quick and Easy Wedding DIY]

Have you been to a pot luck and asked what is that?  Then you should make these before hosting your next pot luck to label the food.

Here are some links to some 18 gauge wire:

Colored Wire

Aluminum Craft Wire 18 Gauge

Here are the table card holders in action.