Twas the Night Before Christmas

Check out the Maker version of 'Twas was the Night Before Christmas on the Awesome Wood Things channel.

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How to Insulate a Hot Water Heater [Electric]

How to install a reflective foil insulation blanket on an electric hot water heater.

Before you install the blanket check your water temperature setting.

My water heater factory setting was 140 F (60 C)

The recommended setting so you don’t get scald is 125 F (52 C)

Water heater Blanket 50-60 Gallon 40 Gallon

Aluminum Foil Tape

Building the Ron Paulk Workbench - Part 2 - Torsion Box Top

I finished editing part 2 of my workbench build series.

Part 1:
You can watch part 1 of the series “All about the Base” here: CUTLIST Video: To get the most out of a sheet of plywood I use a free program called Cutlist. Cutlist allows me to optimize the layout of parts on sheet materials. I made a video about Cutlist here:

Watch the entire playlist here: